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About KroMood

Our story at KroMood: CBD enthusiasts, we offer you the best

KroMood is a family business passionate about hemp, supporter of organic products. We offer a wide selection of quality CBD products. We also offer products of our own brand for the happiness of the customers. KroMood is committed to providing CBD and HHC consumers with all the products and accessories they need.

Thus, we make available to customers through our online store a multitude of CBD-based products. They are highly selected to meet your different cannabis consumption needs. We make every effort to provide you with what you want at all times. In addition, we are updating our product catalog to offer you new products available on the market.

Quality guarantee

KroMood is one of the CBD companies capable of controlling the entire hemp and CBD production and marketing chain. If we do not produce the hemp ourselves, we select the farmers with whom we collaborate. So we are looking for producers who have the same vision as ours: to produce organic hemp that respects the environment. We use the hemp from this organic production to manufacture all our CBD products in order to offer you healthy products that allow you to enjoy all the benefits of CBD.

For each product, we carry out specific tests. Each product is therefore approved or rejected. It is approved if it meets the standards we have set. In the second case, we reject it and resume the manufacturing process in order to make it comply with legislative requirements and ours. For a better efficiency of our products, we offer products derived from full spectrum CBD. So you get all the benefits of CBD products. KroMood has a team of specialists who take care of the production and verification of CBD products within the company.

KroMood uses good manufacturing practices. After manufacture, we make quality packaging that allows the products to be preserved both during delivery and during their use.

In-depth knowledge of the hemp sold

With our suppliers of CBD products, we have a strong relationship. It therefore allows us to perfectly control the production chain of the CBD products that we market.

We are able to provide you with the information you need about hemp production methods and the products marketed in our store. We confirm that all our products come from organically produced hemp. It complies with European requirements.

Our CBD products are analyzed in the laboratory. This allows us to ensure the absence of THC in the CBD products that we market. We control each product thanks to a well-defined and unique traceability number for each of them.

In our catalog, you can find all of our products based on CBD or HHC. You will also find descriptions that allow you to better inform yourself about the product you want to buy.

consumer well-being


KroMood aims to provide wellness to people through the use of CBD. We therefore work transparently to offer you healthy products with different therapeutic effects that will bring you relaxation and well-being on a daily basis.

CBD is a cannabis substance that can relieve many ailments that can hinder your development. Our products therefore allow you to relax, soothe some of your pain and allow you to better tackle your days.

For the use of our products, we advise our customers against combustion. It is not the best way to consume CBD. On the other hand, we propose to use accessories to consume the CBD. To encourage them and make it easier for them, we also offer these accessories. These are dab-pens, puffs, vaporizers, etc.

Since our establishment, we have regularly informed ourselves of the authorities in order to provide you with products that comply with the regulations.

Participation in hemp development


KroMood markets hemp in different forms. We also want this sector to develop in all the countries where we operate. To do this, we maintain good relations with hemp research and development associations. We regularly participate in our numerous conferences to bring our point of view on the hemp sector and to gather important information.

We are a team passionate about what we do. So we take pleasure in doing what we have to do well. We also offer you many articles that inform you about CBD products.

Our brands

We offer products from different brands, including our own.

KroMood: the mark of quality

KroMood is our brand. You will find many products that proudly carry our logo. These are our brand products. Our KroMood products bring you the well-being you need to accomplish your daily tasks. KroMood offers you many CBD-derived products: Flowers, Resin, Oil, Vaporizer, Disposable Puff, Dab Pen, Candy, Herbal Tea, Cosmetics, etc.

All of our CBD products actually contain this substance and are pure. Our CBD rich products also contain some minor CBD products such as CBN, CBC, CBG. All of these products allow you to benefit from the entourage effect which is the action of several cannabis substances. We regularly develop our brand to provide better quality products and products in different forms to let every consumer find what they want.

KroMood: the best online CBD shop Belgium

Based on the quality of the services and products we offer, we consider ourselves the best online CBD shop in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. In concrete terms, our offers are numerous:

  • KroMood offers a wide selection of CBD products, including oils, capsules, creams, gummies, e-liquids and more. This allows customers to choose the product that best suits their needs.
  • KroMood uses top quality raw materials and adheres to the strictest manufacturing standards for its products. This ensures that customers receive top quality products.
  • KroMood offers delivery policy and delivery tracking for products, which guarantees customer satisfaction.
  • KroMood offers quality customer service, available to answer all questions and to help customers in their choice of products.
  • KroMood has an easy to use website, a secure payment system and a catalog with many products.

With these many services and products, our CBD shop can meet all your needs when it comes to finding products and accessories for CBD consumption.

We direct you to our site: find what you want without delay

KroMood is first and foremost a family business as we have repeatedly mentioned. We specialize in selling CBD products online. Thus, our site allows you to have access to several services at the same time. It is divided into two parts: the CBD Shop and the blog.

The CBD Shop

On this part of the site, you will find all the CBD and HHC products (possibility to put the link to the catalog page) that you need. Our product catalog is well detailed and tidy to help you find the products you need. In our catalog you will find:

CBD flowers

CBD flowers (Cannabidiol) are dried flowers of the hemp plant. They contain high levels of CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has therapeutic properties. CBD flowers can be used in a variety of ways, such as smoking, vaporizing, infusing in food and drink, or taking in capsule form. They are often used to relieve several ailments. You can buy them on the KroMood catalog.

CBD resins

CBD resin is a hemp-derived product that contains a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD). It is generally made from the leaves and stems of hemp. These are subjected to solvent-based extraction to obtain CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD resin is used to manufacture products such as capsules, oils, creams and e-liquids. You can therefore find CBD in this form in our webshop.

CBD oils

CBD oils are hemp extracts that contain cannabidiol (CBD). It is a form in which you can consume CBD and which we market. CBD oils are often used to treat chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia, and other health issues. Our CBD oil is made from the organic cannabis plant. The product is of high quality and allows you to benefit from the effects of cannabis. If you want to consume CBD in this form, opt for our CBD oil.


CBD e-liquids are liquids used in electronic cigarettes. They contain cannabidiol (CBD). They can be used to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. CBD e-liquids are made from high quality CBD oil. They can be mixed with other flavorings to improve the taste. If you prefer to vape CBD oil, e-liquids are the ideal choice. Opt for the KroMood e-liquids present in our catalog.

CBD food products

CBD edibles are foods and beverages that contain CBD. These products can include gummies, drinks, cereal bars, spreads, and other forms of food products. These CBD edibles allow you to enjoy the many benefits of this cannabis substance. KroMood's CBD food products are legal, as they comply with the legislation on the production and marketing of CBD in European countries in general.

CBD product consumption accessories

To consume CBD, you need to use accessories. The choice of these devices depends on the consumption method you prefer to use. Consuming accessories for CBD products include vaporizers for inhaling CBD vapour, capsules and capsules for ingesting precise doses, and more. To allow you to consume CBD products, KroMood offers many accessories that you can find in our catalog. Choose the accessory that suits you and buy it at an affordable price on our CBD Shop.

The blog

To consume CBD, it is important to be informed about the different methods of consumption, the different forms in which you can consume the product as well as the consumption tips. To do this, regularly having a place where you can get information can be advantageous. Thus, KroMood has thought of your culture in the field of hemp production and consumption. Thus, we offer you a lot of information through our blog.

We regularly feed our blog in order to inform you in real time of new methods of consumption of CBD, HHC, etc. We also keep you informed of news about CBD consumption accessories. KroMood will always be a company that cares about customer satisfaction.

A close-knit team at the service of your well-being in the best online CBD shop

To succeed in all our projects and to produce and carry out all the controls we need, we work as a team. This group of experts in different fields works together to offer you the best services and the best CBD products.